Online Piracy – Dallas Buyers Club ruling

The Federal Court handed down an interesting ruling today regarding the illegal downloading and file sharing. It has to do with the movie the Dallas Buyers Club as the plaintiff the Hollywood studio requested Australian ISP’s (mainly iiNet as the lead ISP) to release the identity of customers whose IP addresses were found to have shared the movie illegally.

The Hollywood studio identified a total of 4726 IP addresses that engaged in the illegal activity and as such with the ruling of Federal Court Justice, Nye Perra, ISP’s such as iiNet must provided subscriber details to the Hollywood company.

What is of concern is this now sets and creates a precedence for other movie and studio companies to target Australian ISP’s when their intellectual property has been downloaded. As a former Australian Federal Policeman who predominately investigated cyber matters, it will be interesting to see if the movie companies will refer these matters to Australian Law enforcement for criminal prosecution or whether the company will go after Australian citizens civilly for compensation.

As of writing this blog post it is not known if iiNet will appeal this decision.