New legislation to stop illegal downloaders

The Australian coalition government with bi-partisan support of the ALP are about to create legislation as a cross-party Senate committee has given the tick of approval for new legislation that would give power to telecommunications to block sites that offer pirated content, such as popular torrents sites KickassTorrents.

Just like in the Dallas Buyers Club case allows for movie studios to apply to the Federal Court to requiring the telco providers to block Australian internet users from accessing torrent sites.

The legislation will allow for the proprietary owners of the material to apply directly to the court for an injunction to disable a users access to the sites without having to establish whether the telco, are liable for the offending content.

It is to be noted that this legislation will only block sites hosted outside Australia.

One of the issues is will this stop users that utilise a VPN to access torrent sites, users are already using VPN sites to connect to Netflix USA as it provides a better choice of content then that of the Australian Netflix subscription.

It will be interesting to see the draft legislation when it is tabled to parliament, my concern is who is going to police this or will it be a free for all for the copyright owner issuing notices against internet users in the Federal Court.

I will be watching this with interest….