ANU Data Breach

As a Australian National University (ANU) student and one that completed my Masters of Law at ANU, I am very disappointed with the massive data hack, of unauthorised access to significant amounts of personal details of the ANU computer network dating back 19 years.

ANIU has estimated approximately 200,000 people were affected by the breach of personal data.

ANU vice-chancellor Brian Schmidt stated that “We believe there was unauthorised access to significant amounts of personal staff, student and visitor data extending back 19 years,”.

This is of a concern as the information that has been provided to the university, this may include names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, personal email addresses and emergency contact details, tax file numbers, payroll information, bank account details, and passport details. Student academic records were also accessed.”

As a now former student this is alarming. As an Australian citizen it is also alarming as it allows for the hacker to open up many accounts in student names with the data. ANU maintain that now financial details such as credit cards were compromised, I find this of little relief as the data has been breached contain far more than just credit card details.

As ANU has been aware of this attack and only went public 2 weeks after the attack and believe that the unauthorised access pans some 19 years, the Chief Information Officer at ANU should be sacked immediately. This is unacceptable.

ANU go on to say that “I assure you we are taking this incident extremely seriously and we are doing all we can to improve the digital safety of our community. We are all affected by this and it is important we look after one another as our community comes to terms with the impact of this breach.”

I for one do not believe they are taking this serious enough.