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Welcome to the website of Jason W King & Associates Pty. Ltd.

Jason W King & Associates Pty. Ltd. was established in 2011 but was formally known as J&D Online Investigations Pty Ltd. Our company is a small company that prides itself on attention to detail and treats every client whether small or large with the utmost importance. Obtaining information on a personal computer at times can be of a sensitive nature and every investigation is conducted in an ethical and professional manner. Any data that is needed to be copied for an investigation is always secured on secure servers ensuring that the sensitivity of any data is never compromised.

Our clients come from all sectors of the community and include some government agencies, the legal profession, big business, insurance sector, private clients and non-profit organisations.

If you need electronic evidence for court or for a civil matter you should make Jason W King & Associates Pty. Ltd. your first choice.

Every investigation is conducted by Jason. Jason is a licensed private investigator. Jason is recognised as an industry expert in computer investigations and the obtaining of electronic evidence. Jason has over nine years experience in computer crime in law enforcement and over sixteen years in total in the information technology industry. Jason specialises in obtaining electronic evidence through investigations and through forensics. Jason is a competent computer forensics investigator and has presented evidence in many diverse legal matters.

Before creating and starting Jason W King & Associates Pty. Ltd, Jason was a Federal Agent with the Australian Federal Police attached to the High Tech Crime area. This was a position he had held for many years before moving back into the private sector.

During his time in the Australian Federal Police, Jason was also a team leader in the internet banking team where he assisted and provided law enforcement experience to all major Australian banks and credit unions in regard to internet banking fraud. Jason has also assisted local and international police investigations and intelligence operations. As the team leader of the technical team within the High Tech Crime area, Jason has worked on some very significant and sensitive jobs in regard to the Australian government. As part of his role within the Australian Federal Police, Jason held the security clearance of Top Secret. As with any level of security clearance it is evident that Jason has been exposed to extremely sensitive information and has always conducted his investigations in an ethical confidential and professional manner.

Jason has been fortunate to investigate many computer crimes where new case law has been created. As computer crime is a relatively new area that is being exploited by criminals, Jason has an excellent understanding of this type of work and is always mindful of extraordinary circumstances that may develop whilst investigating these matters.

Jason has presented evidence in courts in Australia and overseas, including leading complex investigations with State and Territory Police agencies.

Jason has been fortunate to undertake training in both Australia and the United States of America. Jason is up to date with current training trends and is always looking at keeping his training up to date.

Jason has a Bachelor of Laws with honours, Masters of Laws, Graduate Diploma of Intellectual Property amongst many of his qualifications.

As you can see by his vast experience, your investigation matter will be in safe hands and if the desired results can be achieved, they will.