At Jason W King & Associates Pty Ltd. we can conduct computer forensics.

What is Computer Forensics?

Our Computer Forensics service includes but is not limited to:

Acquisition of Electronic Evidence
At Jason W King & Associates Pty Ltd we use industry certified forensic analysis tools such as Guidance Software’s Encase and Access Data’s Forensic Toolkit (FTK).

All electronic evidence is secured on secure servers. We will always sit down with the client before any computer forensic analysis is to take place and plan a forensics investigation, entirely on any search parameters or keyword list of important words, terms, names and documents you provide in regard to your case. These words are then analysed for matches, catalogued and presented in a final report for your attention.

For the best possibly results in data recovery , please do not try and attempt to retrieve your data until Jason W King & Associates Pty Ltd can take a forensic image of your drive.

Please do not write to the drive or install software that you think may assist in retrieval of lost data. Unfortunately by trying to retrieve the data yourself there is a good chance you could permanently write over the very data you are trying to recover. Let us retrieve your lost data for you – using best practices.

Data Analysis:
At Jason W King & Associates Pty Ltd we can analysis all your data depending on your requirements. I hear you say “why can’t my IT person or someone else analysis the data”. Well obviously that depends on their experience but do they know what they are looking at, do they know what they are actually doing. At Jason W King & Associates Pty Ltd we understand that every time the drive is turned on and accessed, data is being deleted and/or overwritten.

Binary code
Does your employee understand how to analyse the data, without it being written or deleted, do they understand time and date stamps, MD5 sums and so on. That is why you need an experienced forensic expert analyse your data. Don’t let the chance of the data being made inadmissible in a court, because the basics of data analysis was not carried out.

Data or electronic evidence must be acquired correctly, then handled correctly, stored correct, before the data is even analysed, then the data must be analysed in the correct manner. For all you data acquisitions and analysis give Jason W King & Associates Pty Ltd a call to discuss your requirements.

Computer Intrusions
Do you know that homes and businesses in Australia are hit every day with computer intrusions. Jason has spent a number of years investigating computer hackers who have infiltrated computer networks without permission.

Computer hackers break into wireless networks, computer networks, personal computers and laptops via hacks and bits of malicious code. Who is this computer hacker that is gaining access to my computer well history tells us it is usually everyone from computer geeks looking to brag to there peers, to competition business who try to gain an advantage by hacking into a competitors website or network. It can also be organised crime groups that will on-sell your personal information on the black market.

Don’t think this can’t happen to you or your business. This has been happening in Australia for many years and it will continue to happen.

What damage can these hackers do to my system? Besides the security breach of your data being transmitted to unauthorised parties, it can take down a business and create a huge disruption for your business where you may lose many dollars.

What do you do if you think you have been a victim of a computer intrusion, its quite simple pick up the phone and contact us here at Jason W King & Associates Pty Ltd to discuss your concerns.

Expert Witness
At Jason W King & Associates Pty Ltd we can provide expert computer witness evidence for your court matter. At Jason W King & Associates Pty Ltd we work closely with the legal community in your matter and after analysis the evidence we may be able to assist.

At Jason W King & Associates Pty Ltd we can also assist the private client with an electronic evidence query and if required we can assist the private client in any witness evidence that may be required.

If it is not listed here contact us and we will most likely be able to assist.