What makes us different with content removal is our experience. Some companies claim that they can delete offensive content from search engines and review sites quickly, however our experience has shown that it takes a lot of time and effort to remove negative content and reviews. Our expertise in the legal sector in particular in international jurisdiction allows us the knowledge of the correct procedure in removing content, especially when this content is stored on overseas servers.

When assessing google search removal, an analysis of the website is conducted and it is determined what action can be taken. An individual plan is conducted for each individual case as each case is different, there is no one size fits all, in content removal.

Jason W King & Associates Pty. Ltd were hired by a private client to have some defamatory remarks removed from a social media site. The site was not Facebook or any of the mainstream social networking sites.

After Jason W King & Associates Pty. Ltd did some background inquiries into the owners of the website and engaged in some correspondence with the owners of the website the comments were removed.

This site caused a lot of distress to the client and the ability to remove the content quickly was a positive outcome for all.