What makes Jason W King and Associates different to other companies investigating Intellectual Property disputes is that we understand Intellectual Property. Jason has a post grad qualification in IP law with a Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Law from the University of Melbourne. Jason specialises in Copyright Law, Internet Law and Competition Law. Furthermore during Jason’s Masters degree he studies in Commercialisation and the aspects that has on Intellectual Property Law.

With an understanding of the World Intellectual Property Organization and the policies and procedures that are set out in the 1967 WIPO Convention, Jason understands all aspects of Intellectual Property and investigations.

Some of our past work in this area includes investigations in employer competitors for passing off, Trademark and Patent Investigations, Theft of trade secrets and Intellectual Property Theft.

What is Intellectual Property
Intellectual property (IP) is the property of your mind or proprietary knowledge. It is a productive new idea you create. This can be an invention, trade mark, design, brand or even the application of your idea.

Your idea must be something new or original, but determining whether your idea is new or not is not always easy.

If you or your organisation has an Intellectual Property matter, please contact Jason W King and Associates Pty Ltd to discuss your next move.